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Recent news:


  • We will be hosting a demo day on May 2nd and 3rd for anyone interested in trying out a new boat!
  • The demo day will consist of a few different boat models to benefit anyone interested in learning about a new brand or purchasing a new boat in the future.
  • The location of the demo is yet to be posted but if interested please check for updates!
  • For more information give us a call at (615) 834-2461.
  • Check us out on FaceBook, Instagram and Twitter!

Featured Brands:  

Supra Boats: From game changing wakes and performance to powerful interior refinements, Supra boats are elevating expectations in 2015. With the new Swell Surf System, not only do you have the option of two completely different styles of waves but you can also customize the wave for whichever rider on the dime. Having the brand now for over a year, The Boat Locker is proud to have Supra Boats on their lot.

Manitou Pontoons: The Boat Locker's partner offers luxury and innovative technology for serve the customer who wants the maximum performance in a pontoon boat. Our customers rave bout the performance because of the patented lifting strakes found on a Manitou. This pontoon will keep up with any runabout while having the style and sophistication you won't find in any other brand.

Sweetwater Pontoons: The Boat Locker offers a wide variety of Godfrey pontoons to fit most any need and pocketbook. The new 2015 models offer unmatched features in a super value price. They must be special given the fact that we sold our entire inventory at the Nashville Boat Show in January. We now have truckloads of Sweetwaters arriving almost weekly.

Gheenoe: The Boat Locker is a authorized Dealer of Gheenoe, a lightweight boat that is incredabally stable on the water.  We stock the most popular models for the Middle Tennessee anglers and hunters and currently have the  15'4", 15"6" Classic and  Low Tide 25 in stock.  These are a great price point boat that will fit any fishermens needs.

Hobie Kayaks: The Boat Locker is the Mid South's leading Hobie kayak dealer.  Choose from our large selection of models to fit your wish list and assure flat-out, have-fun, adventure.  Each of our Hobie Mirage models feature the patented Mirage Drive pedaling system. Which will take you further, faster, with a huge emphasis on fun. Plus, we now offer the Hobie Island Adventure  "sail-yak" in single and tandem models.

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